Yasmina Moufarrej, senior associate, Siemens Energy, is one of our Top 50 Rising Stars in corporate venturing for 2023

“I got into corporate venturing because I believe that innovation can best be achieved when combining long standing industry experience with VC” says Yasmina Moufarrej, the senior associate at Siemens Energy. Look a little closer at her story and there is a very deliberate drive to pursue an interest in climate-tech startups.   

“After working for a few regional VC funds, I became interested in impact investing” she says. “VC money is key to drive innovation and if directed towards the right challenges it can have a positive impact on our world. The MENA region had started to invest in clean-tech, and the position at Siemens Energy was an opportunity to learn more about the industry and the energy transition from the best experts.” 

Moufarrej had worked as an investment associate consultant to a few regional VC funds and as a Senior Investment Analyst for the largest MENA seed investor, Flat6labs, before joining Siemens Energy as an associate back in 2021. Since then, she has been an essential part of building the venture unit making her a strong female role model in the corporate venturing industry.  

“So stay curious to learn about emerging technologies and have the confidence to build new relationships.”

“My forte resides in my intuitive ability to rapidly identify the potential of investment opportunities,” says Moufarrej, “Also, my soft skills have helped me bring people together to support startups and build a strong eco-system” 

Founded in 2020, Siemens Energy Ventures invests in climate startups with a mission of addressing the future of clean energy demands. “My biggest success since joining Siemens has been being part of the story of building the venture unit of one of the largest energy companies. Working with great founders to solve the climate challenge is something I take pride in.” 

Moufarrej says the way to thrive in the competitive investment industry is by being inquisitive. “You learn something new every day and get to work with inspiring people who are trying to change the world,” she says, “So stay curious to learn about emerging technologies and have the confidence to build new relationships.”

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