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Corporate-backed startups are more likely to survive

Having a corporate investor decreases the chance of a startup going bankrupt and increases valuation relative to EBITDA if there is an exit.

CVCs must show how they differ from VCs

Corporate investors backed 27% fewer funding round in 2023, but CVC units are increasingly resilient and sophisticated in strategy.

CVCs are ready to meet growing expectations

There are signs that the investment market may resettle in 2024 and CVCs are emerging from this rocky period stronger than when they entered it.

How to get the most out of investing in other funds

Finding funds that are willing to collaborate and engage with their limited partners is one of several pieces of advice for fund-of-fund investing.

How to take your CVC unit to the next level

As corporate investment units get bigger, they need a mix of skillsets and career levels — and a good COO to manage them.

Compensation conundrum: CVCs grapple with pressure to pay like a VC

As corporate venture capital units compete more with financial VC firms for talented investors, they are having to get creative on compensation packages.

6 ways to make your CVC investing more diverse

Diversity is still woefully lacking at most VC firms — and in the companies they back. Here are some ideas on how to change that from people who have done it.

Why business development is CVC’s latest hot-ticket role

Corporate investment units that have business development embedded in their teams tend to outperform those that do without.