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The Next Wave Webinar Series

GCV’s free monthly webinar series dives deep into emerging technologies and corporate investing best practice.

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Upcoming Webinars


Automotive venturing – what’s next?
April 12, 2023

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Past Webinars


Crisis or opportunity – Navigating down rounds and managing CVC portfolios through market uncertainty
March 8, 2023

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Why every corporation needs a venture building programme – and how to do it well
February 8, 2023

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Wiring the Corporation – Creating new pathways for disruptive innovation
January 11, 2023

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Investing Beyond Earth – can CVC be one giant leap for spacetech?
December 14, 2022

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Who has the harder job – VC or CVC?
November 9, 2022

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Combating Climate Change – The Role of Insurtech
October 12, 2022

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The CVC Survival Game – Delivering Value in Downturns
September 14, 2022

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Webinar: Automotive venturing - what's next?
Apr 12, 2023
GCV Symposium 2023
Jun 20 -
Jun 22, 2023
London (UK)
GCV Executive Leadership Forum 2023
Oct 4, 2023
New York, NY (USA)
Corporate Venture in Brasil 2023 – International Delegation to Brazil
Oct 23 -
Oct 25, 2023
São Paulo (Brazil)
GCV Asia 2023 - International Delegation to Japan
Nov 13 -
Nov 15, 2023
Tokyo (Japan)
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