Watch the replay of this webinar in GCV’s The Next Wave webinar series which took place on January 10, 2024.



A distinguishing characteristic of high performing CVCs is an end-to-end investing approach that is fundamental to both portfolio financial performance and the delivery of the ultimate strategic impact needed to ensure program longevity.

For an impactful corporate venturing program, it’s equally important for strategic investors, CVBD and BU/functional teams to work together and understand how to make the most of one another’s capabilities.And while it’s critical that the corporate (or corporates) have thought through their stages, processes, and roles for managing the startup engagement (‘landing’) pipeline, there also must be clarity about where the startup and its offerings are in their development and readiness to engage with corporates.

This webinar explored approaches and barriers to impactful startup commercial engagement from early technical engagement to PoCs, pilots, trials and full commercial rollout.

  • Aligning Parent-CVC innovation goals and portfolio company engagement approaches
  • Defining CVC program and parent roles in startup engagements
  • Creating a platform and playbook for startup engagement at each stage = roles, contracts, funding/resourcing, project portfolio and performance management
  • Overcoming corporate barriers to startup engagement (single and multiple corporates)
  • Understanding when a startup is ready to engage
  • Defining collaboration expectations and vehicles for each startup development stage
  • Measuring performance at each stage in the engagement pipeline (Pipeline progress, cycle times, costs, outcomes)


  • Swati Dasgupta, Director, Venture Acceleration and NGA, National Grid Partners
  • Adria Kinnier, Portfolio Success Head, In-Q-Tel
  • Lee Sessions, Corporate Venture Ecosystem Lead, GCV Institute