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Leadership Society Mission

The Global Corporate Venturing (GCV) Leadership Society’s mission is to help bridge the different strengths and ambitions of investors across industry sectors, geography, structure, and their returns (i.e., strategic, financial, or some combination).

Vision and Overview

The GCV Leadership Society was formed in 2016 at the request of global corporate venturing leaders who sought to further the industry in meaningful ways by bringing together investors to solve today’s innovation and investment challenges. 

The Society sets the standards for long-term sustainability by providing members opportunities to develop their leadership skills and professional excellence, find and work with the best entrepreneurs and co-investors, and thereby elevate their overall standing within the venture capital industry.

Similar to corporate R&D and M&A functions, the Society acts as a bridge to the C-suite, deal syndicate partners, entrepreneurs and other industry partners through its data, industry news, events, training, and community collaboration with governments, trade bodies, universities, VCs, and angel investors.


Society membership is open to all corporate venture capital investors regardless of where the parent organization is headquartered, the size or structure of its investment team, or its industry sector investment preference(s).

Benefits include investment news and special reports; industry data; admission to select events; exclusive invitations to roundtable discussions and networking opportunities; portfolio company showcase; assistance with arranging one-on-one meetings during GCV events; branding, sponsorship and speaking opportunities; access to various industry sector groups; and discounts to GCV Institute courses. 

Three levels of membership are currently in place: Newly formed CVCs (2 years or less in operation), Premium level and Luminary level.  Benefits vary for each level and offer additional savings with a prepaid two-year membership option.

The GCV Institute, with its global reach and robust curriculum, provides professional development for CV team functions as well as foundational CV common language and context for effective parent and external stakeholder engagement. Designed “by CVCs, for CVCs”, the Institute brings together the premier global CV community for an engaging learning experience.  Select leaders from high-performing CVCs share their expertise and serve as mentors alongside industry expert Bell Mason Group (BMG) whose rich CV research and best practice trends analysis delivers unique insights through videos, panel discussions, case studies, real-time application of course material and instructor feedback.

GCV’s unique network of more than 2,000 corporate venture capitalists also attend some or all of its multiple global eventswith flagship conferences in Silicon ValleyLondon and Asia.  Each year, through global government partnerships, multiple delegations travel to other regions to observe the investment landscape including Brazil, Canada, Singapore, Japan, Russia, Finland, Germany, France, Nigeria and Chile, over the past decade.

The Global Corporate Venturing & Innovation Summit in Monterey, California, has 850+ attendees representing about $6 trillion in aggregate annual revenues and nearly $200bn in venture assets under management.

The GCV Symposium in London has more than 400 attendees representing $2.5 trillion, while more than 100 CVCs attend the Asia Congress.  GCV also offers a variety of local gatherings worldwide attracting smaller groups for networking and topical discussions.

GCV’s website and contains the best analysis, guest comments and news across all industry sectors and regions and is focused on answering three fundamental questions – who does corporate venturing, in what sectors are they investing, and how are they doing so (direct deals, fund commitments, combination, etc)?

New CVCs

GCV has designed a membership package to address the unique needs of newly formed CVCs (2 years or less in operation).  Access to the GCV Institute and GCV events, a copy of the Corporate Venturing Survival Guide, coupled with mentoring from seasoned CVCs are just some of the benefits to provide a solid foundation to help your CVC get started and moving in the right direction. Find out more here.

Download the Leadership Society flyer

Strategic Direction

Advisory Board

The Society is advised by a member volunteer board, which is responsible for providing feedback related to existing/proposed benefits and services for Society members, as well as providing guidance on new initiatives.

Advisors serve for a two-year period, which begins in January of each year.

Being a member of the advisory board is an opportunity to give back to the CVC community and helps to set and maintain standards of behavior and best practices.  Advisers and their parent companies have a high profile and good standing within the venture ecosystem.

The Chairman’s role is now in the hands of Jacqueline LeSage, Managing Director of Munich Re Ventures.  The inaugural Chairman was Claudia Fan Munce previously Managing Director, IBM Venture Capital Group (now with New Enterprise Associates).  Previous Chairmen include Wendell Brooks (formerly head of Intel Capital and now with SnowCloud Capital) and Young Sohn (formerly head of Samsung Electronics and now with Walden Catalyst).


“As a member of the GCV Leadership Society for the past 6 years, we’ve found the membership to be an invaluable resource in keeping up to date on the latest news and innovations within corporate venture. It provides a space where we’re able to communicate candidly with other CVCs about opportunities for improvement and benchmarks for success, something that is rare to find among other groups.”  

Amy Burr, president, JetBlue Technology Ventures

“Corporate Venturing done well absolutely requires engaging intimately with the corporate venturing ecosystem; this ecosystem will be the co-investors and partners you want and need. GCV Society membership is your entry ticket to that precious CVC ecosystem, to both network and learn from practitioners who help you avoid mistakes you cannot afford to make as a new CVC. This was the ‘take-away’, I learned when I attended my first GCV event in January 2019, and I am so glad I did before I launched TDK Ventures a few months later!”

Nicolas Sauvage, managing director, TDK Ventures

“The Leadership Society is where new and experienced heads of Corporate Venturing groups go to hone our skills, learn new ways to create longevity for our programs, train our teams, and gain access to great deals across the ecosystem.  Having been involved with GCV for more than ten years, I’ve found GCV to consistently provide highly relevant and evolving content, a valuable support system, and a strong sense of camaraderie among its members.  GCV and Leadership Society colleagues have been there as I built both my prior fund and current platform at Munich Re.  From our activities together, I have been able to draw upon lessons learned from peers to keep building Munich Re Ventures from strength to strength and always up my game.  And, of course, return the favor!”

Jacqueline LeSage, managing director, Munich Re Ventures

“Global Corporate Venturing has a clear voice in cohering and promoting industry best practices. This is an important role as corporate venture capital expands globally as a catalyst for innovation through external engagements. It has been a pleasure to work closely with Global Corporate Venturing to help shape thought leadership in our industry.”

Paul Asel, managing partner, NGP Capital

“GCV has played an indispensable role in development and dissemination of best practices in corporate venturing at a time of dramatic rise in the number of CVCs. We have found great value in our membership from the earliest days of Lam Capital. The leadership society provides a collaborative forum for learning, partnering, syndicating and sometimes commiserating with our CVC colleagues!”

Faran Nouri, managing director, Lam Research Capital

Apply to Join

For more information or to apply to join the GCV Leadership Society please contact Janice Mawson.

Email: janicemawson@globalventuring.com

Tel: +1 (703) 380 2569

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