Hebrew University of Jerusalem launched 15 spinouts last year covering areas ranging from healthcare to solar energy.

Yissum, the technology transfer arm of Hebrew University of Jerusalem, launched a total of 15 spinouts last year.

The companies are:

  • RNAWay, which has developed a platform for delivering siRNA to plants;
  • Immunyx Pharma, which is working on technology for neutrophil specific targeting a mode of immunotherapy;
  • Lipovac, which has set its sights on a liposome-based vaccine to treat conditions including covid;
  • ExoNavis Therapeutics, which is focusing on exosome-based drug delivery;
  • NexoCarp, which is pickering solid dispersion and particles for the delivery of agents;
  • PSYRX, a tissue culture protocols developer targeting central nervous system diseases;
  • MyComed Super Foods, which plans to use medicinal herbs and spirulina algae to prevent osteoporosis;
  • Cavos, which is exploiting artificial intelligence and machine learning to create diagnostic, prognostic and treatment options for a range of diseases;
  • Noga3D, which will market 3D-printing materials based on epoxies;
  • I-Red Pharma, which will commercialise a treatment for conditions with new small and multi-property molecules;
  • Solra, which plans to sellfully screen-printable…

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Thierry Heles

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