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Beyond the Breakthrough

Beyond the Breakthrough is a weekly interview series with the world’s brightest minds in university innovation — technology transfer leaders, university venture fund managers, founders, policymakers, lawyers and others answering the question: how does research make it from a lab into the real world?

The podcast is hosted by Thierry Heles, editor of Global University Venturing, and is released for free here and through all major podcast platforms.

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April 12, 2024

Karin Immergluck: Stanford’s biggest challenge is complacency (rebroadcast)

Beyond the Breakthrough
Stanford may be a recognised world-leader when it comes to startups, but it mustn’t rest on its laurels. Sometimes that even means launching initiatives that others have long had — that is just one of the lessons that Karin Immergluck, executive director of Stanford’s Office of Technology Licensing, has learnt. Karin also tells us what the US can learn from its international peers, why TenU is an important component of her work and she examines the importance of erasing bias in hiring processes, including in leadership positions.

April 05, 2024

Panel discussion: Funding for all — unlocking diversity in spinouts

Beyond the Breakthrough
Diversity is not just about making sure more women and underrepresented minorities are on founding teams. When they do create businesses, they are typically ignored by venture capital investors who look for the same type of founders that have previously made money (creating a vicious circle). In the US, female founders raised just 2% of the VC money in 2023, and in Europe it was even less at 1.8%, according to PitchBook.

March 22, 2024

Halo has researchers on speed dial for corporates

Beyond the Breakthrough
Imagine your corporate R&D team is facing a problem so complex it requires the world’s top researchers to solve. How do you find the right expert? You could scour endless academic papers or slowly build relationships with individual universities. You could invest in startups that are developing a solution. Or you could go to Halo, a matchmaker for cutting-edge research and real-world problems.

March 15, 2024

Panel discussion: The key ingredients of successful spinout teams

Beyond the Breakthrough
A PhD student who sets up a spinout and becomes its CEO is 21% better at returning an investor's money than a serial founder would be if installed in the same spinout. Even more impressively, a PhD student turned chief executive is 46% better at making a venture capital fund money than a former CEO from a large company would be.

March 08, 2024

Kelley Rich: Fighting poverty with university spinouts

Beyond the Breakthrough
Can university spinouts help fight poverty? That's a question Kelley Rich, interim vice-president for innovation at the University of Notre Dame, is trying to answer as head of the institution's innovation hub IDEA Center. It's part of a campus-wide initiative launched in January 2024 that will see increased poverty research taking place — it gets to the heart of the private Catholic university's mission of bringing about positive societal change.
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