Mart Maasik is the head of University of Tartu’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre, but will also remain head of UniTartu Ventures.

Headshot of Mart Maasik
Photo courtesy of Ander Iva / University of Tartu

Mart Maasik, head of University of Tartu’s investment company UniTartu Ventures, takes over as head of the institution’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre (EIK) from today.

He retains his duties at UniTartu Ventures. At EIK, he replaces Kristel Reim, who takes over management of the centre’s business cooperation.

Maasik expects the ability to set common goals for UniTartu Ventures and EIK will allow the university to support entrepreneurs more efficiently and to better reach those considering the establishment of their own startup.

Maasik joined UniTartu Ventures in May 2021. He had spent two decades with financial services provider SEB, most recently having co-founded its Innovation Lab and serving as its director.

Thierry Heles

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