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Global Agri-Food Council

The Global Agri-Food Council (GAFC) was established to secure a platform whereby CVCs in this sector could come together to connect, explore innovation and investment opportunities, as well as dive deeper into the issues currently affecting agri-food investors and their portfolio companies.

The council meets quarterly and has the primary responsibility for creating meaningful outcomes for the broader agri-food sector.  They set the tone and cadence of programming at select GCV events, as well as determine strategic goals to help strengthen the industry by providing opportunities for collaboration and deal flow with other industry sectors.

Council Members

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If you are interested in participating in the Global Agri-Food Council please contact Charlie Hayward for more information.

Global Council Navigation

Webinar: Collaborating with startups - CVC 'platforms' or 'venture client' programs?
Aug 14, 2024
GCV Connect: New Nordics 2024
Sep 16 -
Sep 17, 2024
Helsinki (Finland) & Tallinn (Estonia)
GCV Institute: CVC Investment Programs
Sep 24 -
Sep 25, 2024
GCV Institute: Landing the Value of Corporate Venturing
Oct 18 -
Oct 21, 2024
GCV Executive Leadership Forum 2024
Oct 24, 2024
Menlo Park, CA (USA)
Corporate Venture in Brasil 2024 – International Delegation to Brazil
Oct 28 -
Oct 30, 2024
São Paulo (Brazil)
GCV Connect: Germany 2024
Oct 29, 2024
Frankfurt (Germany)
GCV Asia Congress & International Delegation 2024
Nov 11 -
Nov 14, 2024
Tokyo (Japan)
GCVI Summit 2025
Mar 18 -
Mar 20, 2025
Monterey, CA (USA)
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