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Time for CVCs to meet a new investment climate

This is the moment for the “C” in CVC to show what it can do, says Jacqueline LeSage, founder of Munich Re Ventures and chair of the GCV Leadership Advisory Board.

Investors set sights on defence tech

Investors are becoming increasingly comfortable in putting their money behind national defence.

Corporate investors need to find new answers

There is a potential for corporate venturing to go from about 1% of global corporate R&D budgets to 10% over the next decade.

Nuclear fusion is getting hot for investors — here’s why

It is an old joke that nuclear fusion power is 30 years away, and always will be. The joke is now looking outdated as the technology finally reaches a stage where investors feel comfortable writing cheques for hundreds of millions of dollars towards its development.

It’s not all ChatGPT — 13 other generative AI technologies to watch

A new breed of artificial intelligence startups are moving from basic automation into new areas of creativity. Here are some of the key names and their corporate investors.

How to diversify the CVC industry

We asked corporate investors about why lack of diversity persists and what it might take to change it.

Corporate investors hold steady as VCs retreat

Corporate-backed VC deals fell just 2% in 2022 vs a 25% fall for venture capital overall. A record number of new corporate funds were created.

How to set the right performance metrics for your CVC programme

How you set up effective performance metrics for teams whose outcomes are a combination of tangible and intangible effects, is often as much about influence and learning, as it is about revenue.

Signs of growth for Brazil’s CVC scene

Brazil's corporate venturing ecosystem is still relatively young, with the majority of progammes set up in the last three years.