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AI and genome sequencing open up new microbiome treatments

Technology is starting to make it possible to understand the complex interactions of the microbiome in more detail.

Updated: Twelve human microbiome startups to watch

Advances in gene sequencing technology and computational power are giving researchers and healthcare professionals an increasingly detailed view of how the human microbiome works. It is creating new opportunities for startups. Every month, new technologies are discovered and new startups are formed. Last year we brought you the most exciting startups emerging in the field […]

Could a “smart toilet” solve the microbiome industry’s data problem?

BiomeSense, a University of Chicago spin out, wants to create a 10m record dataset for the microbiome sector.

Market overview: Microbiome investment grows from a low base

Sometimes called the “last organ under active research”, the human microbiome and therapeutics relating to it are attracting dollars and interest in the innovation community – albeit still from a low base.