Comment from Jacob Fellman, vice-president, Chad Bailey, vice-president, NGP Capital

Procurement is a key insertion point for end-to-end supply chain management as it is one of the first steps taken in the supply chain journey. Suboptimal procurement strategies or processes can have ripple effects throughout the entire supply chain, down to the end customer and company cashflows.

A worst-case example is mass recalls – a scenario that can deteriorate both brand equity and cash lows for months or even quarters after the procurement decision. The first chart illustrates the complexity of supply chains as well as the transparency and collaboration requirements that organisations face in building resilience and managing cost.

More than $5bn is spent annually on procurement software, and the category is growing at 12% annually. Coupa, a spend management platform founded in 2006, manages over $2 trillion of annual spend. IDC reported that Coupa generated $220m in…

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