Microelectronics Technology Laboratory spinout Smart Force Technologies’ mask-less 2D microfabrication technology will be integrated with new 3D printers developed by Microlight3D.

Smart Force Technologies, a France-based microfabrication equipment spinout established by regional tech transfer office Linksium, was today acquired by microfabrication company Microlight 3D, itself a spinout of University of Grenoble-Alpes.
Founded in 2015 on research from the Microelectronics Technology Laboratory (LTM), Smart Force Technologies has devised a 2D lithographical printing technology that fabricates small physical objects including semiconductors for purposes such as microfluidics, microelectronics and biotech.
LTM is an affiliate of University of Grenoble-Alpes, the French National Center for Scientific Research and the French Atomic Energy Commission.
Smart Force claims its approach is differentiated as it works without a hard etch-mask – a polymer shield generally used to shape lithographical processing and prevent unwanted etches. Instead, the spinout uses a beamer and digital mask to project the client’s pattern onto the output’s surface.
Microlight3D’s product line currently consists of 3D micro-printing systems however, following the acquisition, it expects to introduce systems combining 2D and 3D capabilities, having collaborated with Smart Force in this area previously.
Linksium owns shares in both companies, and played an instrumental role in encouraging the pair to merge.  Smart Force Technologies does not appear to have previously disclosed equity funding.