The Global Corporate Venturing Rising Stars Awards profiles the industry’s top 50 people who have entered the industry in about the past five years with aplomb and notable success.

Balance and diversity on show with the rising stars
GCV Rising Stars Awards 2021 editorial by James Mawson, editor in chief, Global Corporate Venturing

Top 10

Malin Carlström
#1 Malin Carlström, head of ventures, ABB Electrification

Anil Achyuta
#2 Anil Achyuta, investment director, TDK Ventures

Jaclyn Kossmann and Saewook Lee
#3 Jaclyn Kossmann and Saewook Lee, senior investment managers, Applied Ventures

Xin Ma
#4 Xin Ma, managing director of Asia platform, Total Carbon Neutrality Ventures

Banafsheh Fathieh
# 5 Banafsheh Fathieh, principal, Prosus Ventures

Radhika Malik
#6 Radhika Malik, senior associate, Samsung Catalyst Fund

Wanja Humanes
#7 Wanja Humanes, investment manager, Swisscom Ventures

Neda Blocho and David Li
#8 Neda Blocho, principal and head of Studios, and David Li, principal, Avanta Ventures

Steven Willinger
#9 Steven Willinger, principal, Capital One Ventures

Kurt Sheline
#10 Kurt Sheline, principal, Echo Health Ventures

Top 50 Rising Stars 2021 continued (in alphabetical order by CVC unit)

Erik Paisley
Erik Paisley, investment manager, 3M Ventures

Gonzalo Soriano
Gonzalo Soriano, senior investment analyst, AC Ventures

Aaron Kern
Aaron Kern, associate, Allstate Strategic Ventures

Cristina Moyano de Navascués
Cristina Moyano de Navascués, investment manager, Amadeus Ventures

Mark Frayman
Mark Frayman, head, BHP Ventures

Erin Hallock and Shaun Healey
Erin Hallock, senior venture principal of Europe and the Middle East, and Shaun Healey, venture principal, BP Ventures

Nicholas Brumleve
Nicholas Brumleve, investment principal, Chevron Technology Ventures

Sheena Jindal
Sheena Jindal, principal, Comcast Ventures

Brandon Yahn
Brandon Yahn, principal, Convivialité Ventures

Gregory Hoffman
Gregory Hoffman, manager, DuPont Electronics & Imaging Ventures

Jennifer Diedrichs
Jennifer Diedrichs, investment manager, EnBW New Ventures

Erning Cao
Erning Cao, investment director, Evonik Venture Capital

Taraec Mohamed Hussein
Taraec Mohamed Hussein, investment head, Fatima Gobi Ventures

James Field
James Field, service design lead, Ferguson Ventures

Wade Sheffer
Wade Sheffer, managing director, GM Ventures

Terri Burns
Terri Burns, investing partner, GV

Ginger Rothrock
Ginger Rothrock, senior director, HG Ventures

Dennis Clark
Dennis Clark, senior managing director of corporate venturing and open innovation, Honda Innovations

Aaron Hoffman
Aaron Hoffman, senior analyst, Intact Ventures

Ranjit Kurup
Ranjit Kurup, director, Intel Capital

Michelle Moon
Michelle Moon, principal, LG Technology Ventures

Oliver Finch
Oliver Finch, partner, Maersk Growth

Rahul Meka
Rahul Meka, manager of product and R&D, Magna Innovation Ventures

Gayathri Radhakrishnan
Gayathri Radhakrishnan, director of venture capital, Micron Ventures

Steve Deutsch
Steve Deutsch, investment principal, Motorola Solutions Venture Capital

Veronica Gabriele
Veronica Gabriele, associate, Munich Re Ventures

Jake Nice
Jake Nice, principal, Nationwide Ventures

Angela Wang
Angela Wang, vice-president, Ping An Global Voyager Fund

Jeroen van Doornik
Jeroen van Doornik, managing partner, Rabo Frontier Ventures

Florian Chilla
Florian Chilla, investment manager, Randstad Innovation Fund; principal and co-founder, Taptrove Ventures

Benjamin Price
Benjamin Price, external ventures manager, Saint-Gobain Nova

Tyler Durham
Tyler Durham, venture principal, Schlumberger New Energy

Kevin Deneen
Kevin Deneen, principal, Schneider Electric Ventures

Ilya Pavlov
Ilya Pavlov, vice-president of investments, Severstal Ventures

Michiel van Haersma Buma and Phoebe Wang
Michiel van Haersma Buma, implementation manager, and Phoebe Wang, principal, Shell Ventures

Jay Crone and Jon Wolkin
Jay Crone and Jonathan Wolkin, directors, Telus Ventures

Will Geiger and Brett Kadesh
Will Geiger and Brett Kadesh, principals, Touchdown Ventures

Christopher Park
Christopher Park, principal, UL Ventures

Andrew Casey
Andrew Casey, corporate development lead, Vanguard Strategic Business Development

Maxwell Swicegood and Min Park
Maxwell Swicegood, vice-president, and Min Park, director, Wells Fargo Strategic Capital

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James Mawson

James Mawson is founder and chief executive of Global Venturing.