Top 50 Rising Stars 2021 continued (in alphabetical order by CVC unit): Angela Wang, vice-president, Ping An Global Voyager Fund

Donald Lacey, managing director and chief operating officer of China-headquartered insurer Ping An’s $1bn corporate venturing vehicle, Global Voyager Fund, said: “Angela Wang focuses on building connectivity between the entire Ping An ecosystem and Global Voyager portfolio companies.

“The reason promising new companies find Global Voyager a desirable investment partner lies in our ability to deliver Ping An – and China – to them, so Angie’s work is critical to the success of our fund,” he continued.

“In the past year, Angie has been responsible for a lot of very cool initiatives with our portfolio companies that have created a lot of tangible value for those businesses. To give a few examples: she led an initiative to host, a machine learning as a service company we invested in last year, locally in China on Ping An Cloud, opening up a vast new market for

“She also led a project to expose Ping An OneConnect’s world-leading automotive claims AI SDK in Europe, so that some of our portfolio companies in the insurtech space there could start to use it.

“Each of these projects requires a ton of cross-cultural coordination, navigation of complex bureaucracy, and working through various legal and regulatory issues. Angie handles all of these matters with a deft touch and has been a key success factor in establishing Global Voyager’s reputation in the market.”

Wang, who has been part of the fund’s fintech team for three years, said: “At Global Voyager, we have been able to leverage Ping An Group’s reputation and unique positioning as a technology pioneer in financial services to attract good investment opportunities. Ping An’s subject matter experts across various sectors have been our valued assets in evaluating investment opportunities.”