The Global Corporate Venturing Emerging Leaders Awards profiles the industry’s top 50 people who have been in the industry for broadly more than five years. The industry’s levels of professionalism and standards remain exemplary, set by those who have been fortunate to work over years in the industry.

Inspiration and collaboration from the emerging leaders
GCV Emerging Leaders Awards 2021 editorial by James Mawson, editor in chief, Global Corporate Venturing

The top 10

Dina Routhier
#1 Dina Routhier, president, Stanley Ventures

Daniel Karp
#2 Daniel Karp, director, Cisco M&A & VC investments

Anna Haghgooie and Binoy Bhansali
#3 Anna Haghgooie, managing director, and Binoy Bhansali, vice-president, Blue Venture Fund

Tiffine Wang
#4 Tiffine Wang, partner, MS&AD Ventures

Zoe Zhu
#5 Zoe Zhu, vice-president, Ping An Global Voyager Fund

Madura Wijewardena
#6 Madura Wijewardena, head of business development, Comcast Ventures

Nicolas Autret
#7 Nicolas Autret, investment director, Samsung Catalyst Fund

Pablo Moro Casquete and Andrés Saborido Scafati
#8 Pablo Moro Casquete, head of new business, Telefónica Innovation Ventures; Andrés Saborido Scafati, managing director, Wayra

Ling Ge
#9 Ling Ge, chief European representative, Tencent

Priyanka Chopra
#10 Priyanka Chopra, head of finance, Prosus Ventures

Top 50 Emerging Leaders 2021 continued (in alphabetical order by CVC unit)

Daniel Ateya
Daniel Ateya, senior manager, 3M Ventures

Ana Maury Aguilar and Ricardo Latournerie
Ana Maury Aguilar and Ricardo Latournerie, senior investment analysts, AC Ventures

Marta Pinho
Marta Pinho, investment manager, Amadeus Ventures

Frank Lee and Michael Stewart
Frank Lee and Michael Stewart, investment directors, Applied Ventures

Baris Guzel
Baris Guzel, principal, BMW i Ventures

Chad Bown and Daniela Proske
Chad Bown and Daniela Proske, senior venture principals, BP Ventures

Richard Williams
Richard Williams, venture executive, Chevron Technology Ventures

Luis Valdich
Luis Valdich, managing director and venture investing lead in New York City, Citi Ventures

Dusty Lieb
Dusty Lieb, partner of strategic investment, Echo Health Ventures

Holger Wagner and Inga Müller
Holger Wagner, senior investment manager, and Inga Müller, senior operations manager, EnBW New Ventures

Thidarat “Tina” Tosukhowong
Thidarat “Tina” Tosukhowong, senior director, GC International Group

Naoki Kamimaeda
Naoki Kamimaeda, partner and Europe office representative, Global Brain

Tony Tung
Tony Tung, managing director, Gobi Partners

Alisa Band
Alisa Band, senior investment manager, Henkel Tech Ventures

Mark Johnson and Björn Axling
Mark Johnson, vice-president of corporate venture capital, and Björn Axling, vice-president of accelerated innovation and venturing, Husqvarna Ventures

Justin Smith-Lorenzetti
Justin Smith-Lorenzetti, investment director, Intact Ventures

Arun Chetty and Tianlin Wang
Arun Chetty and Tianlin Wang, managing directors, Intel Capital

Oliver Keown
Oliver Keown, director, Intuitive Ventures

Amy Daniels Burr
Amy Daniels Burr, managing director of operations and partnerships, JetBlue Technology Ventures

Ken Sobajima
Ken Sobajima, senior director of investments, KDDI Open Innovation Fund

Bo Zhu
Bo Zhu, head, Lam Research Capital Asia-Pacific

Michael Falcon
Michael Falcon, managing director, LG Technology Ventures

Jeppe Høier
Jeppe Høier, partner, Maersk Growth

Jon Rains
Jon Rains, investment director, Mott MacDonald Ventures

Oshri Kaplan
Oshri Kaplan, director, Munich Re Ventures

Iliana Portugues
Iliana Portugues, head of UK disruptive innovation, National Grid Partners

Daniel Wypler
Daniel Wypler, managing partner, QBE Ventures

Carlos Kokron
Carlos Kokron, vice-president and managing director of Americas and operations, Qualcomm Ventures

Aruna Subramanian
Aruna Subramanian, global head, Sabic Ventures

Daniel Carter
Daniel Carter, senior investment director, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures

Mukaya Panich
Mukaya Panich, chief venture and investment officer, SCB10X

Grant Allen and Varun Jain
Grant Allen and Varun Jain, general partners, Schneider Electric Ventures

Andrea Course and Bo Li
Andrea Course and Bo Li, venture principals, Shell Ventures

Hee Suk Jung
Hee Suk Jung, head of investment, SK Gas

Ryota Suzuki
Ryota Suzuki, senior investment manager, Sony Innovation Fund

Raja Doddala
Raja Doddala, managing director and head of fintech strategy and CVC, TIAA

Antoine Delafargue
Antoine Delafargue, managing director and chief technology officer, Total Carbon Neutrality Ventures

Merav Rotem-Naaman
Merav Rotem-Naaman, managing director and general manager of Israel and Europe, Verizon Ventures

Osei Van Horne
Osei Van Horne, founding member and managing director, Wells Fargo Strategic Capital

Brian Walsh
Brian Walsh, head, Wind Ventures

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James Mawson

James Mawson is founder and chief executive of Global Venturing.