Ingo Ramesohl, managing director of Bosch Ventures, is one of the leading corporate venturing professionals in our 2024 Powerlist.

Ingo Ramesohl has been managing director at Bosch Ventures since 2015. He leads an active investment team which in the past year made more than 10 new direct investments, leading most of the financing rounds.

Recent investments include backing US-based connectivity solution manufacturer Point2 Technology, which raised $23m in a series B round in February, and investments in two battery recycling companies in May: Germany-based startup cylib, which recently raised $59.6m; and US-based company Li Industries, which raised $36m in funding.

Ramesohl is a long-term veteran of the automotive industry. He started his career at Robert Bosch, the German engineering and technology company, before moving to Korea Automotive Motor Corporation and then UAES, a joint venture between the Bosch Group and Chinese automotive company Zhonglian Automotive Electronics, to develop electric and hybrid motor technologies.

He served as head of Bosch’s electric vehicle and hybrid systems unit before moving on to take the role as head of the corporate venturing unit.

Bosch Ventures was founded in 2007 and invests in IT, energy, healthcare and industrial sectors. The firm invests broadly across North America, Europe, Israel and China. The unit has 65 companies in its portfolio and has invested in more than 100 startups to date.

The venturing unit has seen more than 30 successful companies exit including the IPO of quantum computing company IonQ (Xometry), an on-demand manufacturing marketplace.

Ramesohl sees Bosch Ventures as a “perfect combination” of a corporate venture firm and an institutional fund. The team can access Bosch’s technical expertise, while at the same time, the structure of the unit means they can take very quick decisions with a good deal of independence. Furthermore, Bosch Ventures enables co-innovation between Bosch and startups through the Open Bosch Program.

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