Aziz Rahim, Principal at Siemens Energy Ventures, is one of our Top 50 Rising Stars in corporate venturing for 2024.

Aziz Rahim, principal at Siemens Energy Ventures, has crafted a career marked by a diverse journey through finance, automotive and even a brief stopover at the German Council for Sustainable Development. His understanding of the intricacies of business and energy led him to Siemens, where he has been for the past six years in various leadership roles, driving new businesses and adoption of decarbonisation technologies on a global scale.

Rahim is a key player in Siemens Energy Ventures, shaping its strategy and direction since its inception. He navigated the corporate landscape to establish the new venturing unit, convincing internal stakeholders, building cross-industry networks , assembling the right team and structuring the venture approach, showcasing his ability to navigate unlimited possibilities with limited resources.

“Aziz has ensured we have strong ties into our business, while also having sufficient flexibility and autonomy to move fast when we have to”

“Aziz has been instrumental for us, taking the lead in driving our investment strategy process. He has ensured we have strong ties into our business, while also having suffi cient flexibility and autonomy to move fast when we have to. I am continually impressed by his foresight and strategic acumen to leverage the power of our mothership,” says Kendra Rauschenberger, general partner at Siemens Energy Ventures

Rahim emphasises the delicate balance required in serving the needs of a multinational corporation, while understanding and respecting the requirements of founders to be the trusted partner for scale. Bridging the gap between the size and processes of a corporate entity and the flexibility needed by startups is a continual focus to ensure that he can add value where founders need it most.

Rahim stresses the importance of passion, perseverance and a clear understanding of the topic at hand. Working for a big corporate requires a dual approach. “You have to be selfi sh and altruistic at the same time”, to align your personal interests with societal and corporate needs to create lasting value, says Rahim.

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