Taylor Sankovich, senior principal at 301 Inc, is one of our Top 50 Rising Stars in corporate venturing for 2024.

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Taylor Sankovich spent nearly five years in sales and margin financing at investment bank UBS before moving to packaged food producer General Mills, initially in brand management roles. But she says her position at corporate venture arm 301 is part of a longstanding passion for food and nutrition. 

“I was an athlete in college, so food and nutrition – feeding one’s body – was important for performance on the field hockey pitch,” Sankovich explains.  

“For me, there’s an element of personal passion in understanding how we use food to fuel the body. And food is a joyful thing. It can really inspire consumers and it’s a big part of what makes life fun and exciting, not to mention it’s something consumers use every day.” 

Sankovich leads business development at 301, which promoted her to senior principal last August. The most rewarding part of the job is being able to hear founders talk about what they’re building. 

“One moment I might be talking to someone leveraging on-the-farm robotics and the next I’ll be talking to someone launching a new consumer brand,” she says. “Those are completely different spaces but they’re very connected because it’s all part of the food ecosystem.” 

Speaking to founders also means building up Sankovich’s network and her knowledge of the food and consumer packaged goods sector, something she wants to further until she has an in-depth understanding of each category in the industry. 

“I’m hoping to continue building CPG expertise, not only to find interesting opportunities but to also be a good investor and partner for the startups we’re working with,” she says.  

“I have three years of brand experience and five years of finance experience, I’m still early in this journey and I’m hoping to build that expertise and knowledge base so I can be the best partner I can be.”