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Tech Transfer Regions: Western EU

This month's TT Regions returns to the EU as Ireland rebounds to growth, France settles into the new SATT system, and Germany looks to pull together the pieces on tech transfer.

Sep 17, 2014

Tech Transfer Regions: UK and Scandinavia

This month sees TT Regions return to its starting point last year of the UK and Scandinavia.

Aug 20, 2014

Spotlight: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Whilst reviewing tech transfer in central US, GUV takes a closer look at one of the oldest tech transfer organisations in the world.

Jan 23, 2014

Japan focuses on start-up generation

A large part of the planned increase in start-ups is expected to come from universities and government research laboratories, the authorities said.

Nov 23, 2013

Cambridge breaks through the billion barrier

CE is currently putting together its second enterprise fund, allocating $2.2m for the 2013/14 tax year.

May 18, 2013

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