After nearly two decades with the University of Bristol, director of enterprise services Mustafa Rampuri has joined startup Duality Quantum Photonics.

Mustafa Rampuri

Mustafa Rampuri has left the University of Bristol, where he was most recently director of enterprise services, after 19 years to join quantum technology startup Duality Quantum Photonics.

In addition to being director of enterprise services, Rampuri was also the director of the university’s Quantum Technologies Innovation Centre, leading the establishment of the £35m ($44m) innovation centre to support quantum and deeptech spinouts. He held the former position since October 2020 and the latter since March 2020.

Rampuri was also a director of incubator Science Creates from August 2021 to November 2023, and previously spoke to Global University Venturing for its in-depth feature of the Harry Destecroix-led organisation and wider Bristol ecosystem.

He originally joined the University of Bristol as a project manager in 2005, before becoming senior programme manager for quantum technologies in 2012 and then senior research manager for research and innovation programmes in 2017.

He stepped away from the university from May 2011 to May 2012 to take on a secondment with the innovation agency Innovate UK (then known as Technology Strategy Board) to develop a higher education-SME strategy for engagement.

Duality Quantum Photonics, founded in 2020, appears to be in stealth mode but public records show its directors include chief executive Anthony Laing, a professor of physics at the University of Bristol, Alberto Politi, an associate professor at the University of Southampton, and David Tew, an associate professor of theoretical chemistry at the University of Oxford.

Thierry Heles

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