James Chan, who holds a similar position at other funds, has joined the investment firm affiliated with the University of California.

James Chan

James Chan has joined Bow Capital, which invests in the University of California ecosystem, as chief financial officer.

Founded in partnership with the University of California in 2016, Bow Capital focuses on areas including healthcare, financial, AI, entertainment and government technologies. It targets early-stage companies, typically from series A to B rounds.

Bow Capital’s portfolio companies include ecommerce residential delivery platform Pandion, data-based construction labour recruiting software producer Skillit and Eureka Health, which helps patients with chronic conditions to mitigate their symptoms.

Chan concurrently holds similar positions on a contractual basis at investment firms BankTech Ventures, Breakout Ventures, Lineate and First Spark Ventures.

Edison Fu

Edison Fu is a reporter and Asia liaison at Global Corporate Venturing.