Magnitude Biosciences started operations in September 2018 to commercialise a Durham University ageing research technology centred on the C.elegans nematode worm.

Magnitude Biosciences, a UK-based ageing research company spun out of Durham University, yesterday received £150,000 ($194,000) in a round featuring the EU-backed North East Innovation Fund.
Saker Capital, a speciality real estate investment and advisory firm, also supplied Magnitude with funding.
Founded in September 2018, Magnitude Biosciences is progressing research into compounds such as food additives and drugs with the potential to affect the ageing process.
Magnitude Biosciences utilises an automated “healthspan” machine which samples large quantities of C.elegans, a minute tubular species of nematode worm suited to ageing tests because of its brief life expectancy and diminutive stature.
The machine is intended to help ageing researchers and drug developers overcome difficulties in achieving the sampling scale and time necessary for credible trials, as ageing is an inherently variable and lengthy process.
Magnitude Biosciences will advance the work of researchers led by David Weinkove, an…

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