Bert Gyselinckx has been named partner at Imec.xpand, the latest move in a career that stretches back to the early 90s with Imec.

Headshot of Bert Gyselinckx

Imec.xpand, the venture fund affiliated with research institute Imec, has appointed Bert Gyselinckx as its newest partner.

He will specifically focus on opportunities in the Netherlands. Gyselinckx is the fund’s fifth partner, joining Tom Vanhoutte, Peter Vanbekbergen, Cyril Vančura and Frank Bulens.

Gyselinckx, while new to the fund, has been with Imec itself for three decades. He initially served as a telecom ASIC designer from 1993 to 1996, before spending five years as manager of the wireless systems team until 2001.

He then spent three years as director of the Human++ programme, which focused on highly miniaturised and nearly autonomous sensor systems for human health.

In 2006, Gyselinckx became managing director of the Holst Centre, co-founded by Imec and research organisation TNO to work on wireless sensor technologies and flexible electronics.

From 2017 to December 2022, Gyselinckx was vice-president and general manager of Imec US, a nanoelectronics design centre in Florida.

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