The Covid-19 crisis could lead to a greater contrast between CVC’s winners and losers

The corporate venturing space could end up looking increasingly polarised as parent companies weigh their balance sheets against strategic innovation during the Covid-19 pandemic, Swisscom Ventures’ Dominque Mégret said.

A gap was likely to open up, with some corporate players folding as boardrooms cut back on risk they did not view as integral to core profitability, according to Mégret, head of Swisscom Ventures, the corporate venturing arm of Switzerland-based telecoms firm Swisscom.

“I can definitely see to some extent that the board of the parent company could indicate they want to postpone corporate activities for the moment, which is [essentially] the same as stopping [given the challenges of resuming deals],” said Mégret.

“It has been a problem in the past and is sure to return, especially where the parent has liquidity issues to consider.”

With enough liquidity, however, it was equally conceivable that many corporate venturing units would survive as…

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