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New sensors bring self-driving cars a step closer

Cheaper and more powerful lidar and technologies that can augment it are getting investor attention.

Investors are “scared” of the lidar market but the short range side shows promise

State Farm-backed startup PreAct Technologies is looking at lower-cost short-range lidar with applications outside of the car industry.

Twelve automotive sensor startups to watch

The automotive sensor market is getting renewed attention from investors as new technologies emerge. This is a list of startups to watch from our report on automotive semiconductors. See the full report here. Baraja Baraja is an Australia-based developer ofthe autonomous lidar technology, Spectrum- Scan. The technology solves many issues in lidar systems, such as […]

Automotive sensors: market overview

How many sensors does a modern-day car have? It is a simple question with a surprisingly tricky answer. The number can vary greatly anywhere from as little as 30 in somewhat dated vehicles to well over 200 in high-end modern ones. While cars have had sensors for some time, they are coming into a new […]