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Are we heading for a bust in cleantech?

Venture capital has poured into the cleantech sector over the past couple of years. Concerns are growing that startups may not be able to scale into viable companies that generate expected returns.

Hydrogen and biomethane will have a big part in the energy transition, says Engie

The energy sector hasn't had a technology breakthrough for a decade. But Engie New Ventures' Johann Boukhors is excited about the potential for green hydrogen and methane.

Oil and gas companies’ investments aren’t rising in line with profits

Oil and gas companies' profits have risen more than five-fold in the last two years. But investment activities are increasing more slowly.

Can Siemens Energy’s ammonia venture crack the green hydrogen problem?

The German company has partnered with cleantech firms to build an ammonia cracker that could produce emissions-free hydrogen at industrial scale.

More deals by oil and gas investors in 2022 but with fewer dollars

Oil and gas companies backed more startup funding rounds in 2022 than the previous year, but the dollar valuation of deals fell by more than two thirds.