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2020: the year of innovation capital

GCV December 2020 issue editorial by James Mawson, editor in chief, Global Corporate Venturing

The big trends of 2020 in corporate venturing

What was the most important technology trend or trends in 2020?

Why blockchain startups are the perfect strategic investment for energy corporates

Comment from Erin Boyd, Proseeder thought leader

Turn on, tune into spatial transcriptomics

Comment from Anil Achyuta, TDK Ventures, and YP Huang, Applied Ventures

Structuring a CVC: create a traditional VC fund structure

Comment from Patrick Flesner, director, LeadX Capital Partners, and Stephan Bank

Mobilising all forms of capital for sustainable development

Comment from Gillian Marcelle, managing member, Resilience Capital Ventures

Navigating uncertainty and investing for the future

Comment from Shankar Chandran, managing director and head of Samsung Catalyst Fund

Agriculture blossoms into a tech age

Feature: Agriculture

Why startups should be seen but not heard

Comment from Paddy Willis, chief executive and co-founder, Mission Ventures

AI and ethics: the challenge of lining up stakeholders

Special report: AI technologies present complex ethical challenges, early hopes for a multilateral governance framework, but delicate balance to avoid hampering innovative AI

Texas trailblazes corporate venturing

Innovative region: Texas

Does Deerfield have The Cure?

Deerfield Management is putting up $2bn for early-stage life sciences research through to 2030, but what does its involvement mean for its partner universities?

Building blocks for a sustainable future

The fascinating webinar by Patrick Sheehan from ETF with Uli Grabenwarter and Christian Motzfeldt on Europe's green deal plans indicated how far knocked off course the European Union’s budget has been by covid.

Corporate venturing moves forwards

Monthly report: November 2020