Sometimes it feels as if I have the greatest job in the world, and this week is definitely one of those times.

We’ve more than 250 corporate venturing Power Brokers registered for our third annual Symposium this week with aggregate corporate revenues of more than $3.5 trillion ($3687.7bn) and about $100bn in venturing assets. 

These are quite mind-blowing figures, indicating the power and influence these C-suite executives and venturing leaders wield.

These power brokers will gather to discuss how corporate venturing is becoming an increasingly important nexus for how governments, companies, venture investors and entrepreneurs shape the future.

It is, therefore, appropriate that Al Gore, America’s 45th Vice President, will present an evening keynote address, given his role in shaping the world’s largest economy and subsequent career as an investor at Generation Investment Management and as an angel and adviser trying to make sure the next generations can benefit.

It is no surprise to see Gore as an investor in Jelly’s series A round last week as it is a company trying to focus on the “we, rather than the me” in our mobile, social and local world.

The agenda for the Third Annual Global Corporate Venturing Awards and Symposium, includes a long list of luminaries and my thanks goes to them all for their time and insights to be shared, as well as the sponsors and partners who made this event possible. 

I would also like to thank the invited entrepreneurs who are flying in from as far afield as Australia, as well as the UK-based ones selected by the UK government as representing the best of Britain, to attend and meet the Power Brokers in what could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many of them to catalyse their dreams into reality.

I warmly welcome you all to London and for those whose diaries preclude attendance please keep checking our website for the news of our Awards winners, some exclusive announcements for the industry and videos and next month’s issue of Global Corporate Venturing, as well as our sister title, Global University Venturing, for a full review.