The Top 10: #2 Ling Ge, chief European representative, Tencent

Ling Ge is chief European representative for China-headquartered internet company Tencent. She is based in London, UK, and conducts strategic investments and partnerships on behalf of the company, striking up alliances with Europe-based startups, universities, government and industry players.

Ge earned her doctorate in quantum computing from Oxford University, before becoming a Leverhulme Fellow and assuming a number of leadership roles at Imperial College London.

After Ge’s arrival at Tencent, the company launched its Quantum Lab in early 2018, which “aims to connect fundamental theory with practical applications in the fast-growing sector of quantum information technology”, as stated on its website.

Tencent’s Tech QQ news portal reported in May 2019 that Ge had inspired the company to pursue quantum computing technology, as it hired Shengyu Zhang, an associate professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong who specialises in areas including algorithm, machine learning and quantum computing research, in January 2018 to head up Tencent Quantum Lab.

Ge wrote in an article titled ‘Quantum Computing – is a new era approaching?’ published in October 2019 on ChainNews: “Research progress in quantum computing has been significant, most dramatically demonstrated in the increase in the number of qubits on a single quantum chip research teams have developed. For instance, in 2016, the highest number of qubits on a quantum chip was less than 10 qubits; but companies such as Intel, Google and IBM have announced chips containing significantly higher (in the range of 50 – 72 qubits).

“This research progress has been accompanied by significant investment, both in the private and public sectors. For instance, the EU in October 2018 announced the first recipients of their €1bn ($1.1bn) Quantum Technologies Flagship fund supporting quantum investment; and the US has announced similar levels of government funding. In the private sector, leading companies such as Airbus, Lockheed Martin and JP Morgan are collaborating with quantum technology firms to investigate potential use cases.”

In May 2019, Tencent invested in UK-based forecasting software provider in a $24m series B round that also included publisher Pearson and Mandatum Life, an insurance-oriented division of financial services firm Sampo.

Ge said at the time of the investment: “The UK is a global leader in AI and is increasingly becoming a focus for companies looking to invest in the sector,” attracting VC and CVC investors alike.

She added: “’s data-efficient approach and focus on human-machine teaming really set it apart. We are looking forward to applying its AI decision platform to a broadening range of customers, potentially including some of Tencent’s affiliate companies.”

The UK’s AI investment market was the fastest-growing in the world in 2018, only behind the US and China, according to Tech Nation, having received $1.3bn of VC endorsement – comparable to the amount raised by the rest of Europe altogether.

In addition to her duties at Tencent, Ge holds board director and advisory board seats at multiple technology companies and VC firms, advising on areas including AI, education and quantum computing.

Edison Fu

Edison Fu is a reporter and Asia liaison at Global Corporate Venturing.