The Top 25: #12 Yi Liu, Ping An Global Voyager Fund

Yi Liu is a managing director of Ping An Global Voyager Fund, China-based insurance group Ping An’s $1bn corporate venture capital vehicle. The unit focuses on fintech and digital health venture investments outside China.

Prior to his current appointment, Liu was deputy head and senior actuary of Ping An for two years, involved in insurance-related accounting and regulatory solvency policies such as the Global Systemically Important Insurers and the China Risk-Oriented Solvency System.

Having earned his PhD in biomedical engineering at University of Southampton, he returned to China to join Ping An, which surprised many people back home. He told Finance Sina: “My parents were insurance agents. Perhaps I was influenced by them after seeing them sending protection to many customers’ homes.”

In the 11 years before joining Ping An, he said he saw many risks that made him more determined to join the insurer. He added: “With the passage of time, customers’ awareness of insurance is increasing. I have some customers who have 30 to 40 insurance policies for their respective families.”

Before joining Ping An, Liu worked at asset manager Legal & General Investment Management in London, managing various multi-asset funds and pension solutions. He is a Society of Actuaries fellow and a chartered financial analyst.

He is also a member of China’s Thousand Talents Plan – a recruiting program that attracts both Chinese and foreign experts in scientific research, innovation and entrepreneurship who are based outside China.