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Spinout tracker: March 2024

Are you a tech transfer manager or a spinout founder who has information to share for this list? Email us — your spinout does not need to have raised funding yet but it needs to be early-stage (no older than four years and no later than series A round). We will include spinouts that are currently fundraising.

AddedCompanyUniversityLocationSectorTechnologyRoundAmount ($m)Amount ($m)
04/03/2024Neurenati TherapeuticsUniversité du Québec à MontréalCanadaHealthrare diseases therapies, including paediatric conditionsSeed1.2$0 – $5m
04/03/2024Orbis Medicines,EPFLSwitzerlandHealthoral macrocycle drug discoverySeed28.2more than $20.1m
04/03/2024ProlocorUniversity of VermontUSHealthprecision diagnostic test to predict the risk of thrombosisSeed1.7$0 – $5m
04/03/2024ProcaveaETH ZürichSwitzerlandHealthRNA therapeutics delivery platform based on nonviral protein cagesUndisclosedUndisclosedUndisclosed
04/03/2024Silence LaboratoriesSingapore University of Technology and DesignSingaporeITweb3-focused cybersecuritySeed1.7$0 – $5m
04/03/2024TopologicUniversity of TokyoJapanITheat flow sensors, thermoelectric conversion devices, and topological and spintronics materialsUndisclosed4.6$0 – $5m
04/03/2024HelexvaUniversity of PittsburghUSHealthcures for fatal neurodegenerative diseases, including Huntington’sUndisclosed2.25$0 – $5m
04/03/2024TenomixWestern UniversityCanadaHealthrobot that uses ultrasound and AI to determine colorectal cancer stagesSeed2$0 – $5m
11/03/2024GraideUniversity of BirminghamUKEdtechAI platform to help teachers mark student homeworkUndisclosed2.03$0 – $5m
11/03/2014Noa TherapeuticsUniversity of CalgaryCanadaHealthtrimodal therapeutics to address inflammatory barrier diseasesPre-SeedUndisclosedUndisclosed
11/03/2024Wobble GenomicsUniversity of EdinburghUKHealthRNA and DNA sequencing for the discovery and detection of nucleic acid biomarkersSeed10.9$10.1m – $15m
11/03/2024Greenlyte Carbon TechnologiesUniversity of EssenGermanyCleantechcarbon dioxide air capture technology that produces hydrogen fuelPre-A11.5$10.1m – $15m
11/03/2024Efficient ComputerCarnegie Mellon UniversityUSITprogrammable processor that lasts a decade on an AA batterySeed16$15.1m – $20m
11/03/2024JabaliNorth Carolina State UniversityUSMediagenerative AI game engineSeed5$0 – $5m
11/03/2024NitroVoltTU DenmarkDenmarkIndustrialsmall-scale ammonia synthesis for farmersPre-Seed0.82$0 – $5m
11/03/2024mPATH HealthWake Forest UniversityUSHealthpreventive cancer screeningUndisclosed1.1$0 – $5m
18/03/2024QuintessentUC Santa BarbaraUSITheterogeneous silicon photonics and quantum dot laser technologySeed11.5$10.1m – $15m
18/03/2024Alithea GenomicsEPFLSwitzerlandHealthlarge-scale RNA sequencing and transcriptomicsSeed3.2$0 – $5m
18/03/2024Freespace RoboticsCarnegie Mellon UniversityUSServicesrobotic storage and retrieval systemsUndisclosedUndisclosedUndisclosed
18/03/2024SeniscaUniversity of ExeterUKHealthRNA-based senotherapeuticsUndisclosed4.7$0 – $5m
18/03/2024CryoLogyxUniversity of WarwickUKHealthcryoprotectants based on large molecules similar to proteinsSeed0.64$0 – $5m
18/03/2024Salinity SolutionsUniversity of BirminghamUKIndustrialbatch reverse osmosis water treatmentUndisclosed1.27$0 – $5m
18/03/2024CellexcelUniversity of East AngliaUKIndustrialtechnology to enhance the water resistance of biomaterialsUndisclosed0.32$0 – $5m
18/03/2024CarbonovaUniversity of CalgaryCanadaIndustrialtechnology to turn greenhouse gas emissions into carbon materials for sustainable and inexpensive everyday essentialsSAFE6$5.1m – $10m
18/03/2024DBOSUniversity of Toronto; Harvard UniversityUSITcloud-native operating systemSeed8.5$5.1m – $10m
18/03/2024QutheroMassachusetts Institute of Technology; Stanford UniversityUSHealthQ-peptide platform technology to accelerate healing, reduce redness and bruising, and prevent scarring post-cosmetic proceduresUndisclosed0.64$0 – $5m
25/03/2024Stanhope AIUniversity College London; King’s College LondonUKITartificial intelligence that continously learns to offer true autonomy in applications like dronesSeed2.92$0 – $5m
25/03/2024QuantexAINational University of SingaporeSingaporeITgenerative AI for forecasting and data visualisationPre-Seed1$0 – $5m
25/03/2024InnateraTU DelftNetherlandsITultra-low power neuromorphic processorsA16.2$15.1m – $20m
25/03/2024GaluxSeoul National UniversitySouth KoreaHealthartificial intelligence-powered drug developmentUndisclosed1.5$0 – $5m
25/03/2024InCurAKing Abdullah University of Science and TechnologyEgyptHealthmedical devices with a focus on medical on bleeding controlPre-SeedUndisclosedUndisclosed
25/03/2024Perfat TechnologiesUniversity of HelsinkiFinlandConsumertechnology to use healthy vegetable oils, such as rapeseed or sunflower oil, as a replacement for saturated fatsSeed1.08$0 – $5m
25/03/2024HarvestXUniversity of TokyoJapanIndustrialfully automated strawberry cultivation using robotics and AIA2.7$0 – $5m
25/03/2024AnchutechChinese Academy of SciencesChinaIndustrialadvanced electronic materialsPre-AUndisclosedUndisclosed
25/03/2024Flink RoboticsETH ZürichSwitzerlandIndustrialsoftware to enable plug-and-play robots for material handling in warehousesn/an/aUndisclosed

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