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Spinout tracker: February 2024

This is the February edition of our spinout tracker. It is updated weekly throughout the month. To find companies that are actively fundraising, please select “raising” in the dropdown menu.

You can find the January 2024 list here.

We welcome submissions from tech transfer offices with information on their latest spinouts.

If you would like one of your portfolio companies considered for inclusion in a future list, please send us an email. Eligible companies must be early stage, however they need not have raised capital yet and can use this list to advertise that they are open to investors.

AddedCompanyUniversityLocationSectorTechnologyRoundAmount ($m)Amount ($m)
05/02/2024CinderelaxWaseda UniversityJapanConsumerapp to teach users how to apply make-upPre-SeedUndisclosedUndisclosed
05/02/2024Adipo TherapeuticsPurdue UniversityUSHealthpolymer-based, Notch-inhibiting nanoparticles that are injected into fat tissue to reduce weightSeed1.9$0 – $5m
05/02/2024ClevergyUniversidad Pontificia ComillasSpainEnergycentralised energy management system that connects all smart home appliances to utilitiesUndisclosed1.6$0 – $5m
05/02/2024VoxelSensorsVrije Universiteit BrusselBelgiumMedia3D perception system for immersive realitySeed10.2$10.1m – $15m
05/02/2024Azul EnergyTohoku UniversityJapanEnergyhigh-performance catalysts that offer the same performance as rare metals without the associated costA3.2$0 – $5m
05/02/2024AlensiaXRCase Western Reserve UniversityUSHealthanatomical instruction using holographic technologyAUndisclosedUndisclosed
05/02/2024EvaroUniversity of East AngliaUKHealthclinical and drug prescription platform for minor conditionsSeed1.5$0 – $5m
05/02/2024Generation LabUC BerkeleyUSHealthtest to measure biological age and risk of diseasePre-SeedUndisclosedUndisclosed
05/02/2024VenomAid DiagnosticsTU DenmarkDenmarkHealthaffordable, easy-to-use, in vitro diagnostic test for management of snakebiteSeed1.8$0 – $5m
05/02/2024UniFAHSPrince of Songkla UniversityThailandIndustrialphage technology for agriculture and food safetySeed1.4$0 – $5m
12/02/2024HydroporeUniversity of PennsylvaniaUSEnergytwo-step water electroylsis to generate clean hydrogenSeedraisingraising
12/02/2024AmperesandNanyang Technological UniversitySingaporeEnergysolid-state transformers for energy gridsSeed12.45$10.1m – $15m
12/02/2024ElemindMassachusetts Institute of Technology; Imperial College London; Harvard University; University of California, BerkeleyUSHealthwearable neurotechnology platform using AI to improve health through noninvasive, proactive brainwave stimulationSeed12$10.1m – $15m
12/02/2024MyriaETH ZürichSwitzerlandHealtha new class of therapeutics called genetically engineered modular molecule scaffoldsUndisclosedUndisclosedUndisclosed
12/02/2024ColipiTU HamburgGermanyEnergyusing fermentation to turn carbon dioxide pulled from the air into oilSeed1.94$0 – $5m
12/02/2024AlbupadUniversity of StrasbourgFranceHealthprotein-based materials for biomedical applicationsUndisclosed0.65$0 – $5m
19/02/2024Dragonfly ThinkingAustralian National UniversityAustraliaServicesbusiness intelligence using AI-powered structured analytic techniquesn/an/aUndisclosed
19/02/2024EvercloakUniversity of WaterlooCanadaEnergymembrane-based solution to drastically reduce the energy requirements of air conditioningSeed2$0 – $5m
19/02/2024SingleTimeMicroneedlesUniversity of ConnecticutUSHealthmicroneedle oatch to deliver single or multi- longitudinal dose vaccines and therapeuticsPre-SeedUndisclosedUndisclosed
19/02/2024NewmoKeio UniversityJapanTransportride-sharing platformUndisclosed10$5.1m – $10m
19/02/2024DigitalArchiKeio UniversityJapanIndustrialresin concrete formwork for 3D printersSeedUndisclosedUndisclosed
26/02/2024Environmental Solutions ArchitectKyoto UniversityJapanCleantechconverting composite plastic materials that are otherwise difficult to recycle into pelletsUndisclosed0.66$0 – $5m
26/02/2024CyclizeUniversity of StuttgartGermanyIndustrialdefossilise chemical industry using mixed plastic waste and carbon dioxide to produce synthesis gasSeed5.14$5.1m – $10m
26/02/2024ThreedyFraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics ResearchGermanyIThigh-performance spatial computing technology to visualise 3D data at scaleA10.4$10.1m – $15m
26/02/2024NovoVizEPFLSwitzerlandITsingle-photon computational engines for quantum imaging and machine vision researchn/an/aUndisclosed
26/02/2024AltavoTU DresdenGermanyHealthmedical device that emulates a voiceless patient’s voice using AIA5.41$5.1m – $10m
26/02/2024IsomAbUniversity of NottinghamUKHealthtreatments for peripheral arterial diseaseSeed9.48$5.1m – $10m
26/02/2024AdsilicoUniversity of LeedsUKHealthend-to-end in-silico trials solution based on virtual, synthetic, patient populationsSeed4.42$0 – $5m
26/02/2024Echopoint MedicalUniversity College LondonUKHealthdiagnostic platform for cardiovascular careA5.31$5.1m – $10m
26/02/2024ElveSLAC National Accelerator LaboratoryUSTelecomshigh-efficiency lightweight millimeter-wave power amplifiersA15$10.1m – $15m
26/02/2024InsamoUniversity of Washington; University of SydneyUSHealthmembrane-permeable and orally available cyclic-peptidesSeed12$10.1m – $15m

This list is for informational purposes only. It does not constitute investment advice.

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