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Welcome to the Global University Venturing (GUV) media page which features our videos, including interviews with industry leaders and sessions from our worldwide events, plus our weekly podcast, Global Venturing Review, which covers the week’s biggest news on deals, funds, exits, and people news from corporates, university, and governments.

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Welcome to our video area, which includes interviews with industry leaders and footage of sessions on stage at our worldwide events.
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The Global Venturing Review Podcast

The Global Venturing Review brings you the week's biggest deals, funds, exits and people moves from across the corporate, university and government venturing worlds. It is published every Monday and free to download below, or on the podcast app of your choice, including iTunes, and on Soundcloud. If you own an Amazon Alexa, try asking it "Alexa, what's my flash briefing?" to get a quick roundup of the most important stories.

February 19, 2024

The Next Wave Webinar: Venture building – how to avoid the common failures

Global Venturing Review

Today’s show is a bit different – instead of a normal conversation, we’re bringing you GCV’s most recent edition of the Next Wave – our monthly webinar series that features panel discussions on emerging technologies and CVC best practices.

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February 12, 2024

Blair Tritt: Schreiber Foods

Global Venturing Review

Despite their products being so ubiquitous anywhere you live in the world, and an integral part of so much of what we eat, the B2B egg, dairy and food sectors are among the least digitised out there. What this has opened up is a lot of space for startups to make a big impact. Schreiber Foods is one of the largest dairy products producers in the world, supplying stores, restaurants and other food providers all over the world. Almost exactly a year ago, The Wisconsin-based food giant launched its corporate venture capital fund, focusing primarily on next generation supply chain and sustainability.

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February 05, 2024

Bernardita Araya: CMPC Ventures

Global Venturing Review

One of the most exciting up and coming venture ecosystems in Latin America is that of Chile. In an already innovative and fast growing business environment, corporate VCs are sprouting up left and right across the country, and funds are increasing in size. One such CVC, which announced the launch of its $100m fund late last year, is CMPC, the pulp and paper company that is one of the largest companies in the country, which will use its venturing arm to tackle problems related to sustainability, single-use plastic reduction, novel construction and packaging materials and more.

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January 29, 2024

Kerry Carter

Global Venturing Review

Kerry Carter is an entrepreneur, executive and investor in the area of sports technology, who also happens to be a former professional athlete, having played in the National Football League and the Canadian Football League before making a jump to the world of business and currently sits as chief operating officer of Atavus, a sportstech company focused on the mechanics of tackling.

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January 22, 2024

Bill Taranto: MSD Global Health Innovation Fund

Global Venturing Review

Most people think that the Covid-19 pandemic has a supercharging effect on digital health – while that’s certainly true of things like telehealth services, is it necessarily the case for the rest of the sector? Maybe not, according to today’s guest – but independent of Covid, digital health is a booming area. Joining me today is Bill Taranto, President of MSD Global Health Innovation Fund – as it’s known outside North America – to talk about his outlook on the healthcare space – particularly in digital health – in the coming year and the shifts in the venture market.

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