The university will cooperate with the VC firm on startup investment, research and human resources development.

The University of Tokyo and its investment arm UTokyo IPC are partnering with Temasek’s venture capital firm Vertex Ventures Japan to invest in startups and develop the startup ecosystems in Japan and Singapore.

Vertex Ventures Japan has launched a $64m fund, anchored by Vertex Holdings, which will invest in early-stage Japanese startups and will leverage Vertex’s global network of venture funds.

Vertex Holdings is a Singapore-based venture capital investment holding company that is a wholly-owned subsidiary of global investment firm Temasek.

The University of Tokyo and its subsidiaries will collaborate with Vertex Ventures Japan to promote human resource development and cooperate on research.

The University of Tokyo recently launched the Academic Startup Acceleration Fund, making it the university’s third investment fund.

The launch of the Japan fund comes after the success of Vertex Ventures’ sister funds in China, Israel and the US.

“The startup ecosystem in Japan is a vibrant and dynamic one which presents many growth opportunities. We believe in the strong market potential of technology companies in Japan such as in the areas of deeptech, digital transformation, AI and the creator economy,” said Chua Kee Lock, chief executive of Vertex Holdings.