Remember the pub bores of circa 2001 who were adamant the internet was a flash in the pan? At the time, with share prices of many internet pioneers in freefall, they may have seemed right. They were not. Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn and one or two others have done rather well in the intervening years.

The same is true of the clean technology sector today. Headline failures of so-called new-energy companies typically undermined by cheap shale gas and Chinese silicon are obscuring the view of both current and future success, particularly outside the energy sector. In a decade or less we will laugh at the pub bore 2013 vintage who damned clean technology as a failed venture. It has only just begun.

This column will champion the success of corporate and institutional venturing among the unusual suspects of clean technology. Let us start with biopesticides, where the essential ingredients of successful clean-tech venturing are all in place – innovation, acquisition-hungry corporates, strong regulations, seasoned clean-tech venture capital firms (VCs) with corporate backers or…

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