Corporate investors can have a bit of a bad reputation among startups. But what are the main worries and fears and how can they be allayed?

Bringing a corporate investor on board can be a massive moment for a startup. It validates your concept or your product, it can bring in a whole host of new and highly valuable customers, it can bring commercial agreements, and of course, a big chunk of money. But it’s not always plain sailing.

Startups have often been wary of taking on a corporate. From demanding highly specific and expensive demos that might never lead anywhere, to making eye-watering requests for clauses on term sheets, corporate investors tend to come with a host of strings attached in the eyes of founders.

There may also be the perception that corporates are new to the game relative to financial VCs, and therefore less familiar with what kind of asks a startup would find acceptable.

So what are the most common difficulties, bugbears and…

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Angela Logan

Angela Logan is news and production editor at Global Venturing.