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Is the US Inflation Reduction Act a “game changer” for clean energy investors?

Corporate investors have a new financial incentive to invest in renewables and climate technologies that often proved economically unviable in the past.

Nuclear fusion is getting hot for investors — here’s why

It is an old joke that nuclear fusion power is 30 years away, and always will be. The joke is now looking outdated as the technology finally reaches a stage where investors feel comfortable writing cheques for hundreds of millions of dollars towards its development.

Chevron sees blue hydrogen as key to energy transition

Jim Gable has returned to lead Chevron Technology Ventures at a time when the energy sector has many conflicting priorities.

Chang bets big on sustainable fuels at United Airlines

United Airlines Ventures is willing to look at risky, early-stage sustainable aviation fuel startups to hit decarbonisation targets.

Fewer dollars and fewer exits for O&G investors

The value of corporate-backed deals in the energy sector dropped in Q3 but the overall pace of deal making remains steady.