GCV Powerlist member Anna Patterson has announced her departure from Alphabet’s AI fund at the end of 2023.

Anna Patterson headshot

Anna Patterson is set to depart from internet technology group Alphabet’s artificial intelligence fund, Gradient Ventures, at the end of the year.

Patterson helped found Gradient Ventures in 2017, taking up the managing partner position. She sat on boards of portfolio companies including AI-based web app creation platform Streamlit, software troubleshooting service UnitQ and Labelbox, which provides AI training technology.

Patterson joined Google, which was later restructured under Alphabet, in 2004 as director of engineering, a position she held for three years. She then held a three-year stint as co-founder and president at search engine operator Cuil before returning to Google in a vice president of engineering role.

“We founded Gradient Ventures in the hopes that Google’s strength in AI would resonate with AI founders. When we made our first investments into Algorithmia and Lambda Labs, the attention paper had not yet been published,” Patterson said in a statement.

“We have over $1bn under management in more than 150 remarkable seed and series A companies, such as Streamlit, UnitQ, Labelbox and over 147 others. Seeing the AI ecosystem grow has been an amazing journey and I am immensely proud of what we have built together.”

Patterson did not disclose where she is going next or give details of her successor at Gradient Ventures. Global Corporate Venturing included Patterson in its Powerlist in 2018 and 2019.

Edison Fu

Edison Fu is a reporter and Asia liaison at Global Corporate Venturing.