Regeneron Ventures will invest in biopharmaceutical and healthcare technology startups.

Regeneron launches CVC

Photo courtesy of FreePik

US-based biotechnology company Regeneron Pharmaceuticals has announced the launch of a $500m corporate venture capital fund.

Regeneron Ventures will invest in biopharmaceutical and health technology startups with a particular focus on medical devices and tools.

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals will be the sole limited partner, with a commitment to provide $100m annually for five years to the fund. Former Regeneron executives Jay Markowitz and Michael Aberman will lead investment strategies for the fund.

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals has invested in around 20 companies, including UK-based research and development services platform Omnigen, which raised $2.2m in funding in 2021.

Roshini Bains

Roshini Bains is the junior news reporter for Global Corporate Venturing and Global University Venturing.