The Intuitive Ventures Fund II will invest in startups transforming treatment in minimally invasive care.

Photo courtesy of Pexels

Intuitive Ventures, the corporate venture arm of US-based medical device manufacturer Intuitive Surgical, has closed a second fund at $150m.

The unit will continue to invest in startups creating innovations in minimally invasive care.

The launch of the new fund comes at the same time as Oliver Keown, the venture unit’s founder, head and managing partner, announced that he is leaving the investment unit.

Keown will focus his attention on entrepreneurship and boosting the success of his startup, Cleo Surgical, a surgical care provider. He will act as the startup’s chief executive.

Intuitive Ventures Fund II invests in three areas: improving access and lowering barriers to care, driving precision diagnostic and interventions through medtech, and unlocking healthcare data and improving digital ecosystems.

Founded in 2020, Intuitive Ventures invests in startups focusing on precision diagnostics, focal therapeutics and frontier device technologies. The firm has eight companies in its portfolio and has invested in 11 startups such US-based robot-assisted surgery device developer Neocis, which secured $30m in in additional financing in 2022.