The rest of the 100 (in alphabetical order by company): Hong Truong, Summation Health Ventures

Hong Truong is now a year and change into her role as director at Summation Health Ventures, and 2017 continued to bring her success.

Formerly at Kaiser Permanente Ventures as an associate, she has taken her healthcare expertise to Summation, the corporate venturing unit for Cedars-Sinai and MemorialCare Health Systems, operating out of California, US. The group made two major investments this year, HealthLoop and Silversheet.

HealthLoop is a digital platform that allows healthcare professionals to monitor patient status before and after admission. It has now raised $23.4m, after Summation participated in its $8.4m series B round.

Summation led the A round for Silversheet, with the round totalling $5m by its announcement in August. Silversheet is a healthcare practitioner credentialing system, streamlining paperwork.

As Truong said in last year’s Rising Stars, she is a “public health junkie”. Having been involved in the healthcare sector her entire career, and a master of public health in health management, Truong saw room for innovation and excitement. “The intersection of public health and technology has never been more exciting. My main ambition is to improve the delivery of healthcare services. I see venture investing as a means to an end, to reshape this industry.”

She has clearly stayed true to her ambition, with both investments this year aiming to ease the disruption both patients and healthcare practitioners deal with, tackling paperwork and improving patient engagement.