The rest of the 50 (in alphabetical order): Nathan Pascarella, business development manager, Hypertherm Ventures

Nathan Pascarella joined Hypertherm Ventures, the corporate venture capital (CVC) arm of US-based industrial equipment and software producer Hypertherm, in September 2017. He directs business development, having supported other corporate strategic work in the past.

Pascarella said he was attracted to CVC because of its strategic impact for growth and advancement of technology, adding: “The combination of new business and entrepreneurship coupled with industrial technology was a strong draw for me.

“Because we are early on, going live in late 2018, I would have to say getting the first few investments in place was very exciting and early success. We spent our first 10 months planning the CVC and getting our processes in place before launching.

“Dealflow was a challenge, but really stepped up to new levels after going live and through our partnership with other strategic organisations like Mach49. I would also add that successes are emerging related to our learnings about new business creation within our strategic interest areas that we are bringing back and sharing with the corporate ‘mothership’.”

Pascarella, who values the maxim of “doing more with less”, added: “Our team is small and growing. We have done a lot to create awareness of Hypertherm Ventures and the appeal of working with us. We have a unique story to share, being a New Hampshire-based industrial manufacturer that produces all our major products in the US and exports them to every global region.

“We have covered a lot of ground but there is more to do around continued communication with others in the venture ecosystem so that they know of us as a key player that can help startups advance and be successful.

“Personally, my ambition is an executive-level technology or strategic leader where I not only benefit my employer but the communities that I work in.”

Prior to CVC, Pascarella had led global business development, product marketing and product management. He holds an MBA in strategic marketing and master and bachelor of science degrees in mechanical engineering.

Edison Fu

Edison Fu is a reporter and Asia liaison at Global Corporate Venturing.