Lina Arbeláez, head of decarbonisation ventures at Anglo American, is one of our top 50 Emerging Leaders in corporate venturing in 2024.

Lina Arbeláez, head of decarbonisation ventures at global mining company Anglo American, has had a unique journey to get to this role, combining an entrepreneurial mindset with extensive corporate experience. She began in engineering, before becoming CEO of a startup and eventually navigating the intricacies of large corporations.

Having joined Anglo American in 2021, her role is a natural evolution rooted in her experiences in the energy sector, which includes time at oil and gas companies BP and TGI.

Challenges in her career are two-fold. First, scouting and conducting due diligence amid an array of climate tech opportunities. Second, the post-investment challenge of accelerating growth at speed and scale in the corporate landscape.

“We need to focus on how we are supporting the global south because that is where real impact can come”

At Anglo American, Arbeláez leads initiatives in investing, building and accelerating the climate-positive technologies the unit focuses on supporting. The company’s venture building endeavours include creating companies to address uncharted territories in emissions reduction. Collaborating globally, the team extends beyond internal expertise, engaging with external venture builders and operating on a thought leadership front to influence and accelerate research in critical areas.

“Baseload clean energy excites me the most, because the world still needs a solution for that,” says Arbeláez. She is also keen to find decarbonising technological innovations in neglected, less glamorous areas such as steelmaking and the way in which innovation can spur a just transition. “We need to focus on how we are supporting the global south because that is where real impact can come,” she says.

For aspiring corporate venturers, Arbeláez advises a blend of curiosity, constantly challenging the status quo and, above all, a robust business mindset. Profitability in climate technology is absolutely vital to long-term success and that is where venture capital can play a key catalytic role.

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