Although plagued with mixed opinions that are influenced by mythology surrounding the investment industry, corporate venturing is finally resurfacing as an important component of the corporate innovation toolbox. As companies reassess the contribution that corporate venturing can make to their innovation objectives, it is critical that the fundamentals of corporate venturing are understood. This article addresses a number of important points to consider when applying corporate venturing in a global innovation strategy.

In an article published at, Joachim von Heimburg made a plea for an increase in the adoption of corporate venturing as part of the strategic innovation toolbox. He advocated that the perception of corporate venturing success is highly dependent on expectations and on who controls and decides, stating that slow decision-making is the enemy of corporate venturing.

He argues that new skills are needed, and ignoring this fact can lead to costly failure and disappointment.

Bearing the above in mind, we will take corporate venturing a step further and discuss how the following points can…

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