Karen Hui-Ying Wang started her career at Deutsche Bank as an analyst in 2016.

Wang promoted at Deutsche Bank

Karen Hui-Ying Wang has been promoted to vice president at Deutsche Bank Corporate Venture Capital, the venturing arm of Deutsche Bank.

Wang was an investor at Deutsche Bank Corporate Venture Capital for two years where she invested in series A to B enterprise software startups.

She also was the unit’s head of entrepreneur in residence programme for nearly two years, where she worked with pre-seed to seed companies to help develop their products.

Before joining corporate venture capital, she was an analyst at Deutsche Bank for two years and briefly served as the company’s associate.

Before joining the bank, Wang was a researcher for two years at Maimonides Medical Center, a US-based treatment facility and healthcare academic centre. She was also the chief executive of Smart Woman Securities, a nonprofit that educates undergraduate women on personal finance and investment.

“Karen is an invaluable team player in central corporate venture capital Deutsche Bank, leading central CVC operations and performing investments with a lot of passion, great work, and a fun-loving spirit. Her dedication to excellence is truly inspiring,” said Joerg Landsch, head of central corporate venture capital at Deutsche Bank.

Deutsch Bank Corporate Venture Capital invests in technology and innovation sectors. The firm has 24 companies in its portfolio and invested in over 30 startups including Kodex AI, Plan A and Axoni.

Roshini Bains

Roshini Bains is the junior news reporter for Global Corporate Venturing and Global University Venturing.