Christina Riboldi, program director for the Global Corporate Venturing & Innovation Summit held in Monterey, California, on January 31-February 1, talks to David Horowitz, founder and CEO of Touchdown Ventures

David, you and I met in January of 2015, right after Touchdown Ventures was launched, and, according to our research, with over 15 CVC units established and managed, Touchdown Ventures has started and operated the most CVC units to date. You are continuing talks with a variety of multinationals that are considering starting corporate venture programs. What is your current model?

It has been great working with you and GCV. Touchdown Ventures takes a unique approach to venture capital. Rather than raising pooled vehicles from institutions, we partner large corporations to manage their own branded corporate venture funds. Today, we work with more than 10 corporations and are proud of how we have grown so quickly.

We manage each of these corporate funds separately with dedicated teams from Touchdown. This makes our business complex and has required that we think differently about the scale of a venture…

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