Following the departure of Swisscom Ventures head, Dominique Mégret, the firm has hired a new senior team consisting of Stefan Kuentz, Alexander Schläpfer and Pär Lange.

Swisscom Ventures reshuffles team

Swisscom Ventures, the corporate venture capital firm of Swiss telecommunications provider Swisscom has established a new senior management team.

The reshuffling comes after founder and head of Swisscom Ventures, Dominique Mégret, announced his departure from the firm. He will start a new position in March as the CEO of Ecorobotix, an agtech startup.

The new senior team will consist of Stefan Kuentz, Alexander Schläpfer and Pär Lange, who will act as joint managing partners.

“It’s wonderful that Dominique Mégret is the new CEO of Ecorobotix, a company in which Swisscom Ventures has invested in recent years. And I’m also delighted that the appointment of Alexander, Pär and Stefan ensures continuity within the team,” said Isa Müller-Wegner, head of group strategy and business development at Swisscom.

Kuentz has worked at Swisscom since 2003, holding positions such as head of business development and head of professional services. He also spent three years at IBM as a principal, associate partner and sector leader in healthcare and pharmaceuticals. His investment focus is on IT industries such as enterprise software and cybersecurity.

Schläpfer has been a partner at Swisscom Ventures for over seven years with an investment focus on robotics, industry 4.0 and fintech. He was a partner at Aster Capital for six years and was the chairman and cofounder of robotic technology company Waygate Technologies for four years. Schläpfer also spent a year as the vice president of corporate venturing at Altsom, a manufacturing company.

Lange is the board observer for several startups such as Biliogram and AccelerComm. He was the managing director and cofounder of VC firm Miranet AB for four years and served five years at Ericsson as a product marketing manager and project manager.

Founded in 2007, Swisscom Ventures invests in technology companies focusing on telecommunications, IT infrastructure and cybersecurity. The firm has 50 companies in its portfolio and has invested in more than 140 startups such as Viboo, EcoRobotix and Pexapark.