Electronics company Ricoh has launched its Ricoh Innovation Fund to invest in digital services and the digital workplace

Photo courtesy of FreePik

Japan-headquartered imaging and electronics corporation Ricoh has unveiled a new corporate venture capital fund.

The fund, dubbed Ricoh Innovation Fund, will support B2B companies and make strategic investments in innovative edge digital services focusing on the digital workplace, digital inclusion and the circular economy. Ricoh also plans to utilise its global customer base to further support growth for these startups.

In addition, SBI Investment’s chairman and president Yoshitaka Kitao will act as Ricoh Innovation Fund’s new general partner.

Ricoh has invested in around 36 companies, such as Japan-based virtual power plant operator NR-Power Lab and UK-based IT storage and security services provider MTI Technology, which Ricoh went on to acquire in 2020 for an undisclosed sum.