Hitachi’s chief environmental officer Alistair Dormer gave a keynote on the firm’s commitment to sustainability through innovation.

Alistair Dormer, executive vice-president, executive officer and chief environmental officer for Japan-headquartered electronics conglomerate Hitachi, has been with the firm for 17 years.

His previous roles at the firm included CEO of Hitachi Rail headquartered in London, UK, and since 2019 he has been leading the mobility sector in the Japanese capital of Tokyo. Most recently, he was named chief environmental officer.

In his latest appointment, Dormer’s goal is to ensure Hitachi is a significant climate change innovator, and he helps improve the firm’s environmental and sustainability performance. He considers it crucial for all stakeholders to act together for a sustainable planet.

Hitachi is helping governments, cities and companies cut carbon, according to Dormer, who additionally serves as chairman of Hitachi Europe to manage the mobility-related initiatives.

Hitachi seeks to apply the combined power of industrial and digital capabilities to power good throughout society. Powering good is at the core of what Hitachi calls its social innovation business, which transforms social and industrial infrastructure into intelligent social infrastructure driven by data, Dormer said.

“Our strengths in green technology and digital innovation give us the knowledge and experience to help cities, governments and companies cut carbon and accelerate the fight against climate change.”

Hitachi is working on various projects related to sustainability in all sectors, including the mobility space – with a focus on mass transit systems – and clean energy with electricity as the backbone.

The firm intends to collaborate with customers, partners and public entities to build a decarbonised society together, having become a principal partner for the United Nations’ COP26 initiative.

Dormer concluded: “We are proud to be playing our part alongside the UK government as countries come together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.”